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March Tree Festival 2024

March 15 - March 24

New leaves and colourful flowers mark the arrival of Spring. Has it arrived too soon? Help us find out.
Observe the trees around you with SeasonWatch and win prizes!

Date: 15 – 24 March 2024

Location: Anywhere in India!

Festival Challenges

  1. 100-not-out: Observe 100 individuals of any of the 171 SeasonWatch tree species in the 10 days of the festival.
  2. Scarlet Summer: Observe as many trees possible of 5 species* with red and orange flowers.
    *(Red Silk Cotton, Flame of the Forest, True Ashok, Indian Coral Tree, Nilgiri Rhododendron)
  3. Leaf Flush: Observe 8 deciduous tree species**. Have they put out new leaves?
    **(Teak, Indian Ash Tree, Rain Tree, Siris, Pongam Tree, Devil’s Tree, Mahua, Dyer’s Oleander)

How to participate

  1. If you’re new to SeasonWatch, register on the website or Android app.
  2. Go outdoors and choose any SeasonWatch species to observe.
  3. To make a one-time-only observation on a tree, click on the ‘casual’ tab, and then on the ‘eye’ icon. To observe the same tree more than once, click on the ‘regular’ tab and then the ‘+’ button to register it with SeasonWatch, or on the ‘eye’ icon to add observations on a registered tree. You can make both types of observations for the November Tree Festival! Need more help? Watch our video tutorials to get set and go!
  4. Make an observation as follows – imagine the tree canopy as a circle and divide it into 3 equal parts from the centre. If the stage you are observing is found in ⅓ parts, choose ‘few’. If the stage is seen in more than one part, choose ‘many’, and if it is absent, choose ‘none’.
  5. To share your observations with everyone, make sure to make your profile set to ‘public’ on the website (Login > Account > My profile > Make profile public), and keep track of daily observations at Explore > Patterns > Observations.
  6. Participate in other ways by doing tree walks with tree lovers, and sharing the event posters with tree enthusiasts. Help us spread the word!

Happy SeasonWatching!


March 15
March 24