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Summer Tree Quest, 2019

14-17 June 2019

Click here for results of the Spring Tree Quest

What is the Summer Tree Quest?

Are common trees around you green and dense with leaves? Do they have fruits? Is the pattern of leafing and fruiting changing from one year to the next and is this due to climate change? Unfortunately, we don't have the data to verify these suspicions. The Summer Tree Quest helps us fill these data gaps through the participation of interested citizens like you!

Tree Quests are held across India every three months, to get a snapshot of the leafing, flowering and fruiting patterns of common trees. When enough of this kind of data has been collected, we can compare patterns within and between years to really understand what is changing and how..

The Summer Tree Quest (14-17 June 2019) is the second SeasonWatch bioblitz event this year and it hopes to capture the patterns of leafing flowering and fruiting of trees in the summer season

How to participate?

1. Follow 3 easy steps

  • Download and register on the SeasonWatch app if you are a new user
  • Login and make a casual observation on a tree (see tutorials below)
  • Upload observations

3. Watch tutorial

4. Unable to use our android app?

  • Participants can login to their account on the website and add casual observations.

How many trees can I monitor?

You can choose to do this for as many trees as you want and also on one or more days between the 14th and 17th of June 2019. You cannot repeat observations on the same tree more than once. If you participated in the Spring Tree Quest held in March, (if possible) do revisit the trees you reported the last time round and let us know if you saw any changes this season!

Can I win a prize?

Yes! This time round its quite a competition! To be eligible for a prize, you have to observe 20 or more trees of any species other than coconut (i.e., if you report coconut trees, you will not be eligible for a prize).

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