Winter Tree Quest, 2018

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This event is over.

People across the country are reporting untimely events of flowering in trees. Have you noticed trees flowering and fruiting out of season? There are reports of Amaltas (Cassia fistula) trees flowering through the year, reduction in the flowering crop of Mahua (Madhuca indica), early flowering in Burans (Rhododendron arboreum), and aberrant flowering in Cherry Blossom (Prunus cerasoides). These are only a few examples of changes taking place in iconic trees of cultural importance across the country. To learn more, we need your help in collecting scientific data on trees.

We are conducting a country-wide event this winter. This is the first in the series of events that are planned for the coming year.

Please take part in the upcoming tree quest and help spread the word in your community.

It is a great opportunity to go outdoors and watch trees.

When is the event?

1st and 2nd December 2018

Who can participate?

Anyone with a love for trees and enthusiasm to participate!

How to participate?

  • Look at trees around your house or office, in your school or college campus, from a window or on a walk.
  • Observe if the trees have leaves, flowers or fruits (see details below on 'how to observe').
  • Upload your observations using SeasonWatch app (see details below on 'how to upload').

Which trees species can be observed?

Choose a species from the list of +100 SeasonWatch trees. See the list here.

How to observe a tree?

  • Choose any mature tree from the above list.
  • Observe the tree for any or all of these phenophases: fresh, mature or dying leaves, buds and open flowers, unripe, ripe, and split fruits. At least one phenophase needs to be observed.
  • Report their quantity as few (if present in less than one-third of the tree crown) or many (if present in more than one-third of the tree crown)

How to upload observations?

  • Use SeasonWatch app to upload your observation.  Download the app for free from Google play.
  • Register if not already on SeasonWatch.
  • Use 'casual observation' feature to record our observation. The app will guide you through the process of adding a tree, marking the location of the tree, and recording and saving your observation.

How much time will this take?

About 5 minutes with a good internet connection.

How many phenophases need to be observed?

At least one phenophase needs to be observed to upload the observation but you can observe as many as you want. Various phenophases that can be observed and reported are: fresh, mature or dying leaves, buds and open flowers, unripe, ripe, and split fruits.

Is there a prize?

Yes. Top contributor (person with highest number of trees observed) will win a prize and top three contributors will get a special mention. Names of all those who observe at least five trees will also be included in our next newsletter.

How to raise queries?

If you have any queries regarding the quest, you can reach us on our +91 7349567602.
You can also write to us on  sw@seasonwatch.in, and follow us on facebook and instagram to get updates.