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Summer Tree Quest Report

14-17 June, 2019

Hello SeasonWatch supporter,

In June 2019, SeasonWatch held its third bioblitz event called the Summer Tree Quest. The idea of this event was to rapidly collect phenology data on the common and widespread trees of India in the summer/monsoon season. June is usually marked by high temperatures in northern India, while the south and the north-east experience the first showers of the monsoon.

During the Spring Tree Quest, 79 individuals, 32 schools and 2 colleges contributed 20276 observations from 18 states and 2 UTs to the Summer Tree Quest. This is fewer individuals from the previous Tree Quests contributing data on many more trees! With this bioblitz, the total number of observations in SeasonWatch has now crossed 3,00,000! Congratulations and thanks to all contributors! This large number was possible because of individual efforts of extremely committed and enthusiastic tree watchers.

Our next quarterly bioblitz event would be held in September. See you all again for the next big Tree Quest!

Thank you!
SeasonWatch Team


Mango, the summeriest of summer fruits was the second most observed species during the Summer Tree Quest. PC: Dr. P. U. Priyanka

Top 10 Species

This Summer, because of the special rider against observing coconut palm, we had a new top species in Teak, followed by Mango, Jackfruit, Neem and Chandada. All India, top ten species were as follows:

Species Trees
Teak- Tectona grandis 3261
Mango (all varieties)- Mangifera indica          1895
Jackfruit- Artocarpus heterophyllus 1767
Neem- Azadirachta indica 937
Chandada- Macaranga peltata 928
Coconut palm-Cocos nucifera 680
Sandalwood- Santalum album 667
Gulmohur- Delonix regia 554
Guava tree-Psidium guajava 535
Drumstick tree-Moringa oleifera 524

Top 10 States

Most number of observations came from these 10 states. 85% of all observations came from Kerala!
State No. of observations
Kerala 17592
Tamil Nadu 677
Maharashtra 670
Meghalaya 530
Karnataka 237
West Bengal 124
Uttarakhand 85
Puducherry 63
Madhya Pradesh 53
Odisha 53



The SeasonWatch Tree Quests are designed as a fun race for anyone who is interested, with the aim of communing with nature and trees over 4 days. However, the term 'race' can be taken to the extreme - and this is not what we intend. For the purpose of understanding nature, every single observation is equally valuable, and all participation is greatly appreciated. In this spirit, we are refraining from publishing our results as ranks and tree scores, and instead naming our top contributors in alphabetical order.


 The Summer Tree Quest saw a few new and many repeat individuals among the top 10 contributors. Here are the top ten individual contributors from the country, in alphabetical order:

Alvin T Biju, Kiran Sojan, Lakshmikant Neve, Lyla K.S., Dr. Priyanka P. U., P. Rajangam, Resly Roy Pariong, Sarath C., Shaidallin Kharjana, Unnikrishnan M. P.


Students must have worked hard in the heat to add observations during the Summer Tree Quest! Some managed to have a lot of fun, though! Kudos to all participating schools! The top ten contributing schools are listed here in alphabetical order:

C.P.N.M.G.H.S.S. Mathamangalam, G.H.S. Kalichanadukkam,
G. H. S. S. Mathil, Government Higher Secondary School, G.U.P. School Kongad, G.V.H.S.S. Veeranakavu, M. T. S. S. K. G. U. P. School, Rev. T. J. Jones Presbyterian School, St. Helens G.H.S Lourdepuram, WINGS Botanical Research Wing


We spoke to some of our contributors about their experience participating in the Tree Quest and what inspires them to look at nature. 

Students of G.V.H.S.S. Veeranakavu making observations

Dr Priyanka P. U. is a teacher at the Govt. V.H.S.S. Veeranakavu. When asked how she managed to observe her 1800 odd trees, she said: "In the day time I traveled to many places and observed the trees". She traveled on her two wheeler, made observations in a notebook and later uploaded them online. "Now the app is so much easier than earlier" she notes. Meanwhile, her students at G.V.H.S.S. were among the top contributors in the school category. About their effort, Dr. Priyanka says "my students actively participated in the Summer Tree Quest". This time round, the students made observations as a group and even new students participated. "This is the attraction of SeasonWatch" she says. Her student Vaishnavi noted that this was a "simple but interesting and informative event" for her. 

Panchayat Union School, Salem, led by Mr P. Rajangam, take a break between observations

Mr P. Rajangam of Tamil Nadu has always had a keen interest in trees and it has been so since his childhood. "When I was a school child, I started tree planting", he says, "I planted many trees like Tamarind, Coconut, Mango, Amla, Drumstick, Chicku in the farm. As a teacher, I worked at many schools. Planting trees and growing flowering plants is one of the activity for my students." Mr Rajangam now works at the Panchayat Union School in Thalavaipatti, Salem and participated in tree watching for SeaosonWatch during the Spring Tree Quest. After an initial hurdle in the inability to ID trees, Teacher and students are now ready to make regular observations! He says: "My students also felt happy to know more tree species. Their observation skills improved. They are ready to respect the nature. We are planned to watch the trees every weekend."

Students of Rev. T. J. Jones Presbytery school explore Mawphlong sacred grove with their teacher Mr. Shai Kharjana during the Summer Tree Quest. PC: Shai Kharjana

Mr. Shai Kharjana teaches at the Rev. T. J. Jones Presbytery School. He says: "This is the first time for me to take part in the tree quest. As my experience I had faced some problems, because I don't belong from science background and I don't know the name of most of the tree species. So, I started my observation  on the first day in Shillong Botanical garden and Lady Hyderi Park where each of the tree had a name tag." He took his school to the Mawphlong Sacred Grove forest during the Summer Tree Quest - "...during this observation we stayed around 4 hours inside the forest and did more than 100 observations. All of the students took part with enthusiasm, interest and great pleasure to watch the leaves, fruits and different organisms present on the tree. One of the students said that we are not learning only the trees but also that different organisms in the forest react differently with the climate and season in the year"

School students from Government Higher Secondary School, Arasur Had quite a wonderful time climbing the trees they observed! PC: P Jeganathan

Summer phenology

A beloved summer fruit in Kerala, Jackfruit. PC Dr P.U. Priyanka

Region-wise species summary

In different regions, different species were more observed. In the North, enough sample size was not available to look at patterns of any tree species.  Here is a map of India, with locations of all observed trees and the phenology of the most abundant tree species in each region.  Teak in the south mostly had mature leaves, few flowers and fruits. White babool in central-western region had ripe fruits. The Indian cherry, which was blooming profusely in March, neither had flowers nor ripe fruits. 

The top 10 species in the different sub-regions of India were as follows:

Species Phenology

What do data on 20000 + trees tell us about the summer phenology of tree species across India?

About half of all mango and jackfruit trees had ripe fruits on them! Summer is their season indeed!

Two tree species beloved by birds (and humans) for their one-of a kind fruits - Jamun and Guava - also had ripe fruits 

Some species such as rain tree and gulmohur, which were reported to have flowers during the Spring Tree Quest were profusely flowering in the summer as well!

Even a small percentage of the iconic Indian laburnum tree and Indian coral tree, both not expected to be flowering at this time of the year, were in fact, flowering!


Students of  GHSS Diwansapudur in TN make observations during the Summer Tree Quest

We are very thankful to all the individuals, schools and colleges who participated in the Summer Tree Quest! Here is a list of everyone who participated:


Aathira Perinchery, Adithya, Ajay Gadikar, Akhilesh Sharma,Akhter Hussain Najar, Alvin T Biju, Amruta Padgaonkar, Ankit Vikrant, Arannyaero, Arpita Joshi,Arumugam,Ashok,Ashok Agarwal, Badri Narayanan Thiagarajan, Calmbert Syiem, Chirag Munje, D Kaikho, Dayani Chakravarthy, Dinesh A Gawali, Dr.P U Priyanka, Edurafi, Eesha Oberoi, Elavarasan M, FES-Mandla,Geetha Ramaswami,Hareesha As,Jaya Rakesh,K.S Lyla,Kedar, Kiran Sojan, Kshitija Wagle,Lakshmikant Neve,Mahendran M,Meera M. R.,Mittal Gala,Muhammed Nizar. K,Nandita Mondal,Nanditha,Navendu Page,Niranjan.V,Nirmal,Ohm Vignesh V,P Jeganathan,P S Baiju,P.Rajangam,Paripooranam,Pooja Pawar,Pravar Mourya,Priti,Rajappa,Rama,Ramanasaran Hari,Resly Roy Pariong,Rincy Thomas,Rithika S,Rohit Chavan, S Vishnusankar, Sahana M, Sarath.C, Selvaganesh, Shaidallin Kharjana, Shaurya Rahul Narlanka, Shruti Samanta, Sneha, Subhadra, Suhel Quader,Sujatha M,Surendhar Boobalan,Suresh Ramanan S,Swati Kittur,Swati Sidhu,Tuhina,Unnikrishnan Mp,Urmila,Vena Kapoor,Vijayalakshmi,Vinduja Vijay,Vishal Acharya

Ambika English Medium School-Palakunnu, Anderson H. S. S., Bemannur G. U. P. S. - Paruthippulli,Blossom English School- Kainatty, Chinmaya Vidyalaya Pacramasamy Raja Matriculation Higher Secondary School-Rajapalayam, C P N M G H S S Mathamangalam, Durgapur Govt. College, G. H. S. S. Mathil,.G.U.P.S, G. H. S. Kalichanadukkam,Government High School Cinchona, Government Higher Secondary School, Government Higher Secondary School- Diwansapudur, Govt. Higher Secondary School, G. V. H. S. S. Veeranakavu,G.U.P. School Kongad, Hidayathul Isalm Sangam English Medium, I. G. G. H. S. - Katterikuppam, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, John, K. K. P. M. U. P. S. Varinjam, M.T.S.S.K.G.U.P.School, N. S. H. S., Panchayat Union Middle School Thalavaipatty, Pariong Presbytery Higher Secondary School, Poorna Learning Centre, Rev. T. J. Jones Presbyterian School, Shahid Manoj Singh Chohan G. I. C. Gaindi Khata,S. M. L. P. S. Kaliyar, St. Helens G. H. S. Lourdepuram,T. S. S. G. U. P. S., Velammal Matric Hr Sec School-Madurai., WINGS Botanical Research Wing


Lucky draw winners:
One lucky individual and school will be getting a sur-prize! Our challenge during this event was to see at least 20 trees of which none was supposed to be a coconut palm. We used lucky draw to pick an individual and a school, from among all those that met the above criteria, to give out a consolation prize. Congrats to Sahana M. and Rev. T. J. Jones Presbytery School on being our lucky draw winners!


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