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Booklet of ten common trees
iWonder 2019

How many of these trees can you spot in and around your school campus, home, or neighbourhood? Do you know their local names? Have you noticed when they flower or fruit? What animals visit them and why? What do we(humans) use them for?

Aaple paryavaran
watching trees,tracking seasons
Aaple paryavaran

Increasingly, citizens are becoming aware of nature and biodiversity and the services obtained from them. With an army of such 'citizen scientists', SeasonWatch started a systematic monitoring of trees on how changes in the timing and appearance of flowers,fruits and leaves can help us understand the changes taking place in our enviroment.

Tracking Trees Through the Seasons
Article in Voices of Teachers and Teacher Trainers magazine 2019

The paper explains how flora changes during the year and points out that phenology of plants and animals can tell us a lot about our environment. It points out that the phenology (study of cyclic events) of plants also affects the animal phenology.

A Bygone Pastime
NatureInFocus 2019

Plants are our most accessible doorways into the natural world. They don't move, for one, and even for urban dwellers like ourselves, chances are that we have a few plants around us.

Trees and seasons in a changing world
i wonder 2019

Trees live close to us in our backyards,gardens, fields, and road-sides. Their lives are intimately connected to he environment they grow in, an environment we know is changing.How are trees coping with the changing climate and weather patterns?

Public participation in understanding biodiversity 2018
Karanataka Biodiversity Board - 2018

Public participation in scientific Research( also called citizen science)offer opportunities for developing science- based knowledge within our communities.

The Case of the Confusing Kanikonna Trees
The Wire 2018

Sayana Sabu, a class X student from Kerala, was intrigued by a tree in her backyard that she had been observing for three years. This was a Kanikonna tree (Cassia fistula, a.k.a. Indian laburnum), expected to be in full bloom by the festival of Vishu on April 14/15 every year. However, this tree was flowering on Vishu as well as at all other times of the year! This was strange.

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When seasons speak
NatureInFocus 2019

How perceptive are we of the changing natural world around us? The obvious changes, like the change in seasons or temperatures, certainly grab our attention.But apart from these, our world is continuously expressing itself through smaller, seemingly invisible acts. For example, we may notice that the trees on our route to work have flowered.

Department of Science and Technology
DST report

Citizen Science in ecology in India-an intial mapping and analysis.

Foot soldiers for the new age scientist
TimesOfIndia 2019

Chennai: The Red Spot Jezebel sits delicately on a flower. The young man waiting silently in the bushes moves into position. He takes aim. In a flash, the butterfly is shot at sight. Now, all Vikas Madhav has to do is upload the photograph. And in that instant, the world of entomology is richer by one more insect.

Citizen science project records shoots and leaves to understand climate change

A school teacher in Meghalaya spent the last four days of his holidays travelling around 30 villages looking at trees. Resly Roy Pariong was scanning trees in backyards, gardens and any tree along the road that caught his inquisitive eye. It took approximately three minutes to observe each tree and make a note of the location, fruits, flowers and leaves, said the science teacher.

Seasonwatch- Spring Tree Quest
Nature in focus 2019

Have you wondered how seasonal changes in the natural world may be changing with climate? SeasonWatch has been working with children and adults across India since 2011 to understand patterns of tree phenology (seasonal changes in leafing, flowering and fruiting).

SeasonWatch - Winter Tree Quest
NatureInFocus 2018

Have you wondered how seasonal changes in the natural world may be changing with climate? SeasonWatch has been working with children and adults across India since 2011 to understand patterns of tree phenology (seasonal changes in leafing, flowering and fruiting).

Want to Become a Scientist for Climate Change? Here'?s How You Can Help Researchers
The Better India 2018

Up in the West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya lives 10-year-old Rudolf Nonglait. Once every week, he stops at a particular Himalayan cherry tree on his way home. He observes the tree for about 5-10 minutes before moving along.

A rare blitz for trees
The Hindu 2018

Blitzes are swift, vigorous attacks and usually part of military parlance. But there was nothing military about citizens as they looked up at trees across India on December 1 and 2: they were on a bioblitz, recording the flowering and fruiting of common trees.

A feather in your app: Citizen science has come of age
The Hindu 2018

It is nearly twilight, and the yellow orb of a full moon has just set behind swaying coconut trees. Flecks of pink appear in the sky and a glorious red ball of fire slowly rises. But no stunning sunrise can distract 27-year-old Emanuel George.

Citizen science projects take root in India
The Hindu 2012

The practice of science is largely seen as the privilege of a few scientists working within the limitations of a research institute or university. But not any more! Thanks to Citizen Science initiatives even non-scientists may experience a taste of scientific research today. Citizen Science is when people make their own voluntary contributions to the progress of science from home.

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