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This is the website of the SEED chapter of SeasonWatch, brought to Kerala schools in partnership with Mathrubhumi SEED

Every year, trees across Kerala (and across India) signal the changing seasons by their flowering and fruiting.

As the months tick by, wave after wave of trees of different kinds produce tender leaves that gradually mature; delicate buds slowly open into flowers whose colour and fragrance attract butterflies and bees; and small unripe fruit eventually ripen into a delicious meal for birds, squirrels and monkeys ? and humans too!

In partnership with the Mathrubhumi SEED programme, SeasonWatch asks SEED schools to monitor the changing seasons by monitoring the leafing, flowering and fruiting of trees.

If you are the SEED coordinator for your school, you can log in here to register the trees your children are monitoring and to upload observations of leaves, flowers and fruits.

If you are not visiting this page as a SEED coordinator, please go to the main SeasonWatch website.


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