Dear SeasonWatch supporter,

We are tremendously excited to bring to you the all new SeasonWatch website! As we turn ten this December, it definitely called for a special treat to all the wonderful citizens contributing invaluable information to understanding our trees and the climate better! We are looking forward to more fun watching trees with this all new website. Scroll down to see what new features and excitement lie ahead.


SeasonWatch Team

Welcome home!

If you are new to SeasonWatch, head over to to get a glimpse of the SeasonWatch citizen scientist community and data and find out how you can contribute to understanding climate change through the very simple activity of observing trees in your neighbourhood. Trees put out leaves, flowers and fruits seasonally. Climate change may affect how this seasonality changes and making a careful note of this can tell us humans a lot about our environment.

On this page, you’ll find, a very quick guide to signing up, making observations and uploading them. For more details, visit our FAQ page. If you are an educator, do glance through the Resources we have created for starting with SeasonWatch and for teaching children about trees.

Species to watch

As a SeasonWatcher, you can monitor from a list of 130+ species. This list is made up of species that you are likely to find in your backyard, along avenues and roads, or wilderness areas near your home. The list includes a mix of charismatic and beautiful native species such as the stately Red Silk Cotton, or the spectacular Flame of the Forest and Indian Laburnum trees, as well as introduced species like the Gulmohur or Copperpod planted for their showy flowers. Native trees find mention in our stories and culture, and are intimately intertwined with how humans have interacted with nature in the past. They are also likely to register changes in climate more faithfully, given their longer evolutionary connection to the subcontinent. All species have one thing in common – they are highly seasonal in when they put out flowers, fruits and even new leaves.

Three new features

The user dashborad on SeasonWatch has a brand new look, with Regular and Casual observations appearing side-by-side (1.). Click on any tree to open the related observations that you can now edit, delete or share on social media (2.). Users now have a profile page to upload details about themselves! Profiles can be made public on the website so other users can keep track of your observations (3.)!

Data download

You can easily download your own data by selecting the download button on your dashboard. By doing this, you will arrive on a page where you can choose between your regular trees and casual observations. You can select your regular trees, one by one to download the data that you are interested in, and/or you can download all your casual observations together as a csv file. You can explore and play around with your data to see what your trees are doing!


Visit Explore to see what other SeasonWatchers are doing. See our latest regular and casual observations — which trees have been observed, from where, and what is reported. You can also check out our individual and school contributors and their activity. To see your name featured on this page, send in as many observations as you can this month!

There’s more coming soon…

This website will have exciting new ways of exploring your own data and country-wide data very soon. So do keep checking the Explore page for updates. For queries, contact us!