About the project

SeasonWatch is an India-wide citizen science project following the patterns of emergence and maturation of  leaves, flowers and fruits (“phenology”) on common tree species of India. Seasonal phenology of trees can be affected by larger problems such as climate change and serve as reliable indicators of the same.

The project started in 2010 with enthusiastic participants from Kerala, who to date remain our most avid contributors. SeasonWatch is taken to schools and interested individuals through our program partnerships.

Information collected on tree seasonality is collated and displayed on our Patterns page. We also write about the project regularly, so keep an eye on our Publications and Updates pages! If you are new to SeasonWatch, participating in one of our Events would be a good place to start.


Mathrubhumi SEED (Student Empowerment for Environmental Development)

Mathrubhumi SEED (Student Empowerment for Environmental Development) is our partner in Kerala and aims to create awareness among the growing student community on environment protection. SEED with its vast network of coordinators reaches out to hundreds of schools each academic year and introduces environmental projects and activities, including SeasonWatch. SEED works closely with each school, as well as through periodic events and meetings organized at district and state-level, to follow-up on the projects progress and success. More about the project here.

The State Council for Scientific Technology and Environment (SCSTE)

The State Council for Scientific Technology and Environment (SCSTE) is our partner in Meghalaya. One of their objectives is to popularize science in the state, especially among youth and students. With this objective in mind, SCSTE introduces several activity-based science learning activities, including SeasonWatch, in the school eco-clubs, through a wide network of interns and volunteers. More about the institution here.

Foundation for Ecological Security (FES)

Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) is our partner in Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. FES works very closely with local communities towards an understanding of principles that govern the interrelationships of various life forms and natural systems. Their community resource persons are embedded within  and work collaboratively with the local communities. With SeasonWatch, FES is monitoring trees of local importance culturally and socio-economically. More about the organisation here.

Keystone Foundation

Keystone Foundation, based in Kothagiri (Tamil Nadu) work closely with local communities to understand the relationships between humans and biodiversity. The Barefoot Ecologists associated with the organisation are leading the effort in understanding the phenology of tree species that are important food plants for pollinators species that produce honey. More about the organisation here.

Andaman and Nicobar Environment Team

ANET is based in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands that host a range of endemic flora. The ANET team have been observing 5 species of culturally important plants every week and also share the experience with the children that the interact with. More about the organisation  here.

Rupa Rahul Bajaj Centre for Environment and Art

RRBCEA is based in the city of Pune and in collaboration with SeasonWatch, will be leading a number of outreach activities on trees in the Empress Botanical Garden. The RRBCEA provide an opportunity for Punekars to engage with their environment in a hands-on way through a diversity of engagements like exhibitions, lectures and tree-walks. More about the institution here.

Nature Conservation Society of Nashik

Nature Conservation Society of Nashik (NCSN) is an officially registered NGO since the year 2000. The team works towards wildlife documentation, research, awareness and conservation projects in and around Nashik district. More information about NCSN here

Partner with us

To implement the project in the entire country, we work with partner organizations that are regionally based and that work closely with local communities. Our partner organizations play a pivotal role in managing and executing the project in their region, involving participant training, and follow up. If you think SeasonWatch fits what you want to do in your region and the communities you work with, join us and become a partner.


SeasonWatch is a three-way partnership between Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), Wipro Foundation and National Centre for Biological Sciences. It is currently housed under the Education and Public Engagement Programme at NCF.

Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF)

A public charitable trust with a goal to contribute to the knowledge and conservation of India’s unique wildlife heritage with innovative research and imaginative solutions. NCF works in a range of wildlife habitats—from coral reefs and tropical rainforests to the high mountains of the Himalaya. For more details about the partner, please see the website here.

Wipro Foundation

Wipro’s social initiative in the area of school education in India. This initiative is our funding partner and has been supporting us from the very beginning. For more details about the partner, please see the website here.

National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)

A research centre specializing in biological research. It is part of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). For more details about the partner, please see the website here.


SeasonWatch receives funding for facilitating – outreach, technology development, conducting capacity building workshops, creation and publication of resources, analysis and dissemination of citizen science data. 

Between 2011 and 2023, SeasonWatch has received funding/fellowships from:

1. Wipro Foundation (2011-present)

2. National Biodiversity Authority (2018)

3. Earthwatch Institute, India (2022)

4. Patrcik J McGovern Foundation, USA (2022)

5. Mr Arvind Datar (2022-23)

6. Azim Premji University Research Fund (2022-24)

7. Moonfrog Labs (2023-25)

8. Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies

9. Prasad Family Foundation (CAF America)


Swati Sidhu

Muhammed Nizar

Project Manager

Farheen Anjum

IT Team, co-created and maintains SeasonWatch website, Android app and database

Veena H T

IT Team, co-created and maintains SeasonWatch website, Android app and database

Geetha Ramaswami

Sayee Girdhari

Suhirtha Muhil


Abinand Reddy

Involved in programme outreach and data analysis. Currently, a PhD student.

Arun Elassery

Programme Manager for SeasonWatch during early years. Involved in establishing the programme in Kerala. Currently, working with Asli Shiksha.

Nayantara Laxman

Coordinated production of outreach material and conducted outreach programmes. Now, working with the Keystone Foundation.

P Jeganathan

Coordinated programme outreach in Tamil Nadu. Continues to popularize SeasonWatch through popular writing and talks. Scientist at Nature Conservation Foundation.

Raman Kumar

Helped in design and development of SW outreach material. Translated SW handbook into Hindi. Helped initiate SW in Uttarakhand. Currently research associate at the Nature Science Initiative

Vani Sreekanta

Coordinated the programme, coordinated production of outreach materials including the SeasonWatch Common Trees poster and conducted extensive outreach in southern India.

Ashish Shah

Coordinated programme outreach across India. Popularized SeasonWatch among science education and environmental conservation community. Currently, working with the Wipro Earthian Program.

Uttara Mendiratta

Worked with the programme in its nascent stage and involved in setting it up. Currently, working as an independent research consultant.

Sreekanth Sreedharan

Lay the foundations of SeasonWatch in 2009-2015, and was instrumental in initiating partnership with Mathrubhumi SEED. Currently works at Azim Premji Foundation and leads tech/AI work