Welcome to the Resources page of the SeasonWatch website.
You can download the files from here to learn more about and to participate in the SeasonWatch program.



SeasonWatch Handbook (A comprehensive guide to SeasonWatching)download (14 MB)
SeasonWatch Observation sheet (A simple format for recording your observations)download (2.38 MB)
SeasonWatch Observation sheet (A4-size printable format for recording your observations.)download (2.38 MB)
SeasonWatch Poster (An illustrated guide to common Indian trees)download (1.25 MB)
How To SeasonWatch(in Kannada) (A quick-start guide to SeasonWatching)download (770KB)
How To SeasonWatch(in Tamil) (A quick-start guide to SeasonWatching)download (770KB)
How To SeasonWatch(in Telugu) (A quick-start guide to SeasonWatching)download (770KB)
SeasonWatch Activity book (Level2) (Activity book includes set of fun and enjoyable activities)download (288 MB)
SeasonWatch Activities Tree Bingo (TREE BINGO for nature explorers)download (911KB)


Resources for Educators-Trivia and Activities

Booklet of ten common treesdownload (30.3MB)
Teacher’s supplement to using SeasonWatchdownload (227KB)
Whodunitdownload (14.9MB)
Whats that plantdownload (21.1MB)
Treeviadownload (4.59MB)
Trees & Fooddownload (22.6MB)
Take A Picdownload (7.33MB)
Poetree Projectdownload (28.3MB)
Guess the leavesdownload (6.51MB)