Trees change with the seasons

Leaves, flowers and fruits appear cyclically

Changing climate affects seasons and trees

Shifting tree cycles affect animal lives including ours

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Have you noticed how the summers are becoming hotter and the monsoons more unpredictable? Have you wondered how changes in the seasons might affect the world around us? Become a citizen scientist to know more!

Trees are the pulse of changing seasons. Whether it’s the summer fruits of Mango or the winter flowers of the Red Silk Cotton or the pre-monsoon blush of new leaves on the Pongam, the passing seasons are recorded in faithful detail by the life cycles of trees. Who better to tell us about the changing climate then, than our friendly neighbourhood trees!

SeasonWatch is an India-wide program that studies the changing seasons by monitoring the annual cycles of flowering, fruiting and leaf-flush of 130+ common trees. Whether you are a school student or an undergraduate, a budding naturalist or a serial botaniser, a curious explorer or someone interested in understanding climate change through trees, this is a project for you!

It’s very easy! Just REGISTER yourself with SeasonWatch and ADD A TREE  from your neighbourhood to OBSERVE  every week, and UPLOAD your findings on this website! Continue reading to know how you can PARTICIPATE and REGISTER to join our brigade of nature observers!

Some of the trees we track

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Indian Coral

Erythrina indica

Purple Bauhinia

Bauhinia purpurea


Pongamia pinnata


Lagerstroemia speciosa

Devil's Tree

Alstonia scholaris

How to Participate

1. Register

Register with SeasonWatch on our Android app or  Login page on this website.

Once registered, you can add (a) tree(s) to monitor every week, or contribute a one-time observation. Click on the ‘Add Tree’ button, select the species, set the location, choose a nickname for your tree and add any other relavant details. You’re now ready to monitor the tree!

The ‘Account’ tab takes you to your personal profile and tree dashboard. You can choose to make your profile public, so other people can see the trees you are monitoring!

2. Observe

To add your observations click on the ‘eye’ button next to your registered tree.

Select the date of observation. Look at the fresh and mature leaves on the tree. Choose the appropriate option:

None: No fresh/mature/dying leaves
Few: Less than about 1/3 branches with at least one fresh/mature/dying leaf.
Many: More than about 1/3 branches with at least one fresh/mature/dying leaf.
Don’t know: Only if you’re unable to observe clearly.

Similarly, look at flower buds and open flowers, unripe, ripe or open fruits/pods on the tree


3. Upload

After entering in all the observations for a tree, click on ‘Save’. Your observations are now uploaded! 

You can see all your trees in your dashboard. Monitor your trees regularly and upload observations every week!

There is also an option to submit single independent observations which do not require you to add the tree. Click on ‘Add Observation’ to make a one-time Casual Observation by selecting tree species, location, and then selecting appropriate quantity of leaves, flowers and fruits.