Winter Tree Quest 2018

Click here for results of the Winter Tree Quest People across the country are reporting untimely events of flowering in trees. Have you noticed trees flowering and fruiting out of season? There are reports of Amaltas (Cassia fistula) trees flowering through the year, reduction in the flowering crop of Mahua (Madhuca indica), early flowering in […]

Spring Tree Quest 2019

Click here for results of the Spring Tree Quest What is the Spring Tree Quest? If you notice closely, every year the flowering patterns of common tree species seem to be changing. Is this due to climate change? Unfortunately, we don't have the data to verify these suspicions. The Spring Tree Quest helps us fill […]

Summer Tree Quest – 2019

Click here for results of the Summer Tree Quest, 2019 What is the Summer Tree Quest? Are common trees around you green and dense with leaves? Do they have fruits? Is the pattern of leafing and fruiting changing from one year to the next and is this due to climate change? Unfortunately, we don't have […]

September Tree Quest 2019

Click here for results of the September Tree Quest.   What is the September Tree Quest? Trees around us change with the seasons all the time - putting out leaves, flowers or fruits. Meanwhile, our seasons are changing because of climate change! How are trees responding? The September Tree Quest is an event to capture […]

Species of the Month Challenge – Dec 2019

December will be the month of shedding leaves and emerging flowers! SeasonWatch invites you to make observations on some very special trees all of December. This is our first Monthly Challenge and we are excited! The goal of this monthly challenge is to make as many observations as possible on the 6 Species of the […]

Spring Tree Festival 2020

ABOUT THE EVENT: Spring is the season of emerging flowers when some of our iconic native and avenue trees are on their bright and best display! SeasonWatch invites you to make observations on some colourful trees, starting mid-February and until the end of March. You can take part in this festival by completing either or […]

SeasonWatch Workshop – A Beginner’s Guide to Tree-watching


Attention, tree enthusiasts! Are you curious about trees, but don't know them too well? Do you have questions about trees, but nowhere to ask? Are you an educator looking for ways to make learning about plants more interesting? This workshop is for you! When: 30 October 2021, 10am to 1pm Where: Online Registration for this […]

SeasonWatch November Tree Festival

SeasonWatch’s tree festival is a unique nationwide event dedicated to observing and appreciating trees anywhere around you. Observe tree canopies and look at the leaves, flowers, fruits and animals that visit trees; and record these observations on the SeasonWatch website or android app.  Are you ready to celebrate trees with us?  When: 15 – 28 […]

SeasonWatch Workshop – ‘Treasure of trees’


Trees are all around us, but we hardly pause to make friends with them. What stops us from being curious about their names, their hectic daily lives, and their vibrant social circles? Let us take the first step towards understanding our green neighbors. In collaboration with the amazing 'Nature Classrooms' team, we shall find the […]

April Tree Festival 2022

22 April - 1 May 2022 Do trees feel the heat? Celebrate the Indian summer with SeasonWatch by observing trees around you, and completing challenges to win prizes! When: 22 April - 1 May 2022 Where: Anywhere in India There are fun challenges too! Summer century - make 100 observations in the 10 days of […]

August Tree Festival 2022

Anywhere in India

15 - 31 August 2022 Explore the thriving nature around you this monsoon. Observe trees near you with SeasonWatch, and win prizes! When: 15 - 31 August 2022 Where: Anywhere in India Festival challenges: 100-not-out - Observe 100 trees per week of the festival. Ficus Frenzy - Observe 10 (or more) individuals of at least […]

December Tree Festival 2022

Anywhere in India

How do trees gear up for Winter? Observe the winter changing the trees around you with SeasonWatch. When: 1 - 15 December 2022 Where: Anywhere in India! Festival Challenges:  100-not-out: Observe 100 individuals per week of the festival. Deciduous December: Observe as many individuals as possible of the selected deciduous tree species. Complete the festival […]